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A Bit About The Photog

I'm not very good at professional introductions; However, I am very good at professional photos!

I'm a thirty-one-year-old recent college graduate who relocated back to Texas during the pandemic after spending five years in Chicago and one year in NYC. I fell in love with everything big cities have to offer, except for the cold weather and expensive price tag. I am happy to be launching my wedding photography business back in the land of Whataburger!

Besides spending my time studying or photographing, I love to travel and host Meetup group events. I have three cats, two Dalmatians, a lab mix, and a house full of fur 100% of the time! I love all things creative, so let's chat and come up with some fantastic ideas for your wedding & beyond!

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

It's really important to me that we connect as a photographer & client. You might love my work, or my pricing, or my approach - whatever. But none of that means anything if we couldn't sit down months after your wedding and grab a drink, laugh about a few wedding moments, and truly appreciate the images I took and the way you both let your love story unfold over the course of one big day.

I want to book clients who let the candid moments of their wedding become some of the best moments to capture. Clients who aren't afraid to be a bit creative - and trust my ideas, skills, and experience. Clients who want beautiful photos but want to have a beautiful wedding more. Your wedding will be an amazing day - truly, one of the best. I want to book clients who enjoy the moments. Don't worry about the cameras - because if you two are irrevocably in love and happy then I promise every single image I take will reflect that & be stunning. 

What's The Process?

Wedding planning is difficult - booking with Sweet Pine isn't! Let's chat, see if we're client + photog soulmates. If we are on the same page, then we will move forward with the booking process. Pick your favorite package and let me know your wedding details. All we need is a deposit + contract to secure your wedding date. Payment is due 30 days prior to your wedding, and as we get closer I will be sending you a day-of photography plan.

On the day of "I do," I always suggest letting the day flow however it goes. Some things may go wrong, other things may go better than you ever imagined. I will be there to capture every moment! After the wedding, I will send you teaser photos so any guests that did not attend can be FOMO free. One week later, you will receive your edited photos on a USB in a perfectly wrapped red box. Easy peasy. 

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